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The Geological Society of Zambia is a professional body whose objectives are to promote all aspects of geological knowledge within and outside Zambia, and to foster bonds with similar professional bodies and institutions elsewhere in the world. It was established in 1959 in pursuit of these goals.

In order to promote these objectives, the Geological Society of Zambia holds regular seminars, conferences and field excursions. Members of the Society are actively engaged in research covering various topics in the field of geology. Public lectures are held to address these topics, as well as to promote environmental awareness.

To disseminate information on geoscience, the Geological Society publishes an international Zambian Journal of Applied Earth Sciences twice a year, and a regular newsletter. The Journal is distributed to all members of the Society and can be obtained at a cost-recovery price by any interested party. All articles are written to be accessible to professional geoscientists, university students and interested people from the mining / exploration sector.

The Geological Society is in the forefront of activities to see the development of Zambia’s mineral industry and the curbing of environmental degradation. In this respect, the Society has revised its constitution to provide new legal grounds on which all affiliated geoscientists will be able to work in Zambia. The constitution will promote professionalism and accountability not only among geoscientists but also to all those requiring services of a geoscientist. This will result in improved efficiency in the exploration, mining, processing and marketing of all mineral resources in Zambia. In future it is the aim that the Geological Society of Zambia will look after the rights of all geoscientists and all members of the public requiring the services of a geoscientist in Zambia.

In order to encourage young aspiring geoscientists in Zambia, the Geological Society offers two awards each year. The Peter V. Freeman Award is offered to the best overall final year student geology at the School of Mines and involves a cash prize. Another award is given to the student with the best final year project. Both awards are recognised by the University of Zambia Senate and are included in the graduation ceremonies.

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