Software for plotting stereonets (3D planes) and rose diagrams

StereoNet is a program for plotting on stereonets and performing several 3D analysis and recalculations. Only available memory limits the number of points that can be plotted. The graphics are in separate windows, and it is possible to operate several graphic windows simultaneously. The data can be plotted in a stereonet with either Schmidt (equal area) or Wulff (equal angle) projection. Each graphic window is assigned to the default hemisphere (lower, upper, or both) during creation.

The following plots can be combined into one or several graphic windows:

  • density contours,
  • points,
  • planes,
  • rose diagrams,
  • small circles,
  • mean,
  • best fit girdle,
  • confidence cones,
  • slip linear.

It is possible to print the graphic on any printing device that is supported by Windows. The graphic can be copied into other Windows applications via the Clipboard.

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