Add-On For SpheriStat 3



Create your own symbols for maps and nets to complement the default symbols included with SpheriStat 3

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A SpheriStat symbol consists of one or more filled polygons, each composed of two or more points (nodes).

Symbol Designer provides the tools you need to build your symbols:

  • select nodes and polygons
  • add or delete nodes
  • add, delete or duplicate polygons
  • move nodes, edges or polygons
  • rotate a polygon or the entire symbol
  • resize a polygon or the entire symbol
  • duplicate entire symbols to make new ones

Additional Features

  • Assign symbol code and name
  • For map symbols, also assign structure type and whether the symbol has an associated numeric value (dip or plunge)
  • Interactive tool for positioning the dip/plunge value (the anchor point)
  • Test window to see the symbol in all orientations
  • Import symbols from TrueType fonts and DXF (document exchange format) files
  • Save the symbol set for use in SpheriStat 3
  • Save individual symbols as DXF block files
  • Runs in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
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Symbol design screen.
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TrueType and DXF symbol importing panels.

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