RockWorks 14

Point maps in RockWorks

Create numerous different styles of point maps, including bubble maps, barchart maps, piechart maps and more.

Simple point maps
  • Unique symbols and colors for each sample point or well
  • Customizable symbols
  • Labels are automatically positioned such that they do not overplot adjacent labels or other symbols
Simple Point Map 

Point maps with variable symbol sizes
  • Symbols linearly scaled based on user-specified minimum and maximum symbol dimensions. Well suited for geochemistry with small variations.
  • Symbols, colors, and dimensions based on ranges within a user-defined table
Point Map with Variable Symbol Sizes 

Bubble maps
  • Circle diameters defined by user-designated data column
  • Colors defined by separate data column
  • Petroleum example: diameter = production, color = ownership
  • Geochemistry example: diameter = PPM, color = sample type (e.g. stream sediment vs. rockchip).
Bubble Map 

3D Point Maps
  • Unique size and color for each sample point
  • Control colors and sizes in the Utilities spreadsheet or using linked tables
  • View with surface and models created using the Borehole Manager or the RockWorks Utilities
RockWorks 3D Point Map 

Pie chart maps
  • Display multiple percentage variables as small pie charts on a map
  • Data automatically normalized to 100%
  • Optional pie wedge annotation
  • Display well symbol inside pie chart by defining inside radius
  • "Explode" segments for emphasis
  • Great for showing mineralogical variations
Pie Chart Map 

Stiff diagram maps
  • Display relative ion concentrations for multiple samples on a map
  • Many scaling options
  • Options for labels and axes
  • Great for showing water chemistry variations
RockWorks stiff diagram map 

Starburst maps
  • Display multiple concentration variables as small "starbursts" on a map
  • Each "wedge" has it's own radius scaling factor.
  • Optional wedge annotation
  • Display well symbol inside pie chart by defining inside radius
  • "Explode" segments for emphasis
  • Great for showing multiple contaminant values
Starburst Map 

Barchart maps
  • Display multiple concentrations variables as small barcharts on a map
  • Separate column-height scaling factors for each column
  • Optional bar annotation
  • Great for visually comparing multiple contaminant levels at many sites
Barchart Map 

Spider maps
  • Display the relative percentage of selected variables as polygons within a circle at each sample location
  • Adjust scaling and radii
  • Helpful for visualizing multiple components across your project
Spider Map 

Google™ Earth maps
Create Point, Polyline and Polygon maps in Google™ Earth using the RockWorks Utilities datasheet.
Point and Section map in Google™ Earth

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