RockWorks 14

Cross Sections

Create single- and multi-panel 2D cross sections of interpolated lithology, stratigraphy, quantitative data, fractures, and aquifers. Include source log data, borders, titles, legends.

In addition to displaying your borehole data as logs and log sections, RockWorks2006 also allows you to create cross sections of interpolated (modeled) data: lithology distribution, stratigraphic layers, quantitative data distribution (geochemistry, geophysics, geotechnical), fracture proximitiesNEW, aquifer surfaces.

Both single-panel profiles and multi-panel sections are available. Panel endpoints can be defined interactively in a map window, or they can be read from an endpoint list.

All include automatic section location maps, detailed coordinate annotation, and logs can be appended automatically.

Use ReportWorks to create stunning page layouts with maps, legends, scale bars, and more.

Lithology Sections
Display interpolated lithology as profiles and multi-panel sections. These are vertical slices of a solid lithology model.
Vertical 2D profile of lithology data 

Stratigraphy Sections
Display stratigraphic layers as profiles and as multi-panel sections. Both "straight" sections with simple linear correlations, and modeled sections, based on grid surfaces, are available.

2D stratigraphic profile 

Quantitative Sections
Display your interpolated geochemistry, geophysical, geotechnical or other quantitative data as single- or multi-panel sections. The panels are vertical slices of a solid model. Include line and/or color-filled contours on the panels.
Soil plasticity profile with superimposed logs showing quantitative data as histograms 

Fracture Sections
Display proximity to fractures as single- and multi-panel cross sections. Include line and/or color-filled contours on the panels.

Vertical profile from fracture data model 

Aquifer Sections
Aquifer top and base surfaces can be displayed in profile or section diagrams. Overlay strip logs for a stunning look.

Aquifer profile with stratigraphy logs 

Other cross section features:
  • Plot vertical axis labels (elevation)
  • Plot horizontal axis labels (distance or x, y coordinates)
  • Plot title and end point labels (e. g. A and A')
  • Plot ground surface profile
  • Overlay strip logs
  • Include lithology, stratigraphy and color legends

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