RockWorks 14

RockWorks contour maps

Create feature-rich line and color-contour maps from your elevation (topographic), isopach (thickness), or other XYZ data.

Non-grid (triangulation-based) contour map
Create simple triangulated contours using the EZ Map tool in the RockWorks Utilities.
Non-grid (triangulation-based) Contour Map 

Grid-based contour map
Create evenly spaced or logarithmically spaced contours, or specify custom contour intervals using a table.
Grid-base Contour Map 

Color-filled contour map
Choose from many color schemes, or create your own using an easy to use color-fill table.
Color-filled Contour Map 

Color filled contour map with conventional contour lines
Color filled Contour Map with Conventional Contour Lines 

Contour map with irregularly-spaced, non-numeric contour labeling
Contour Map with Irregularly-spaced, Non-numeric Contour Labeling 

Disable contours at clipping boundaries
Disable Contours at Clipping Boundaries

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