RockWorks 14

Borehole data maps

Use RockWorks to create a variety of 2D and 3D maps from your borehole data.

Borehole Location Maps
  • Plot unique symbols for each borehole location
  • Display subsurface traces for deviated or inclined wells
  • Include surface contours (lines and/or color-filled)
  • Include background map images (topo maps)
Borehole location map 

Borehole Log Maps
Use RockWorks to create a plan view diagram of deviated or angled boreholes, or a log map of vertical boreholes.
RockWorks Borehole Data Maps 

Rose Diagram and Stereonet Maps
Create rose diagram and stereonet maps based on borehole location stored in the Fractures table in the RockWorks Borehole Manager Database.
RockWorks Rose Diagram Map 

Geology Maps
  • Display interpolated lithology or stratigraphy at surface intersects - ground surface or subsurface contacts
  • Or, display interpolated lithology or stratigraphy as a horizontal slice, at a user-specified elevation
  • Display background colors only or full geology patterns
Geology Map 

Contour Maps
  • Create 2D contour maps of stratigraphic surfaces or water levels, with line and/or color-filled contours
  • Create 3D surface displays of one or more stratigraphic surfaces, with a variety of surface display options (wireframe, color gradient, solid)
  • Display interpolated downhole information such as geophysical or geochemical data at surface intersects (i.e. ground surface or subsurface contacts) or at a user-specified elevation.
Contour Map 

Isopach Maps
  • Illustrate isopachs models as 2D contour maps, with line or color-filled contours
  • Isopachs can represent a single formation or multiple adjacent formations
  • Illustrate isopachs in 3D
Isopach Map

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