RockWorks 14

3D surface maps and terrain models

Create 3D surfaces based on elevation or other XYZ data. Display surfaces in 3D with a variety of surface styles. Adjust transparency, lighting, and vertical stretch for all. Zooming and rotation are possible for all types of 3D surfaces.

Types of surfaces that can be created in RockWorks
  • Mesh surface
  • Solid surface
  • Dot grid surface
Mesh, solid and dot grid 3D surfaces (from upper left to lower right) 

Surface color schemes
  • Solid
  • Gradational color (ie. hot to cold)
  • Custom color
Solid, gradational and custom color schemes (from upper left to lower right) 

Additional options
  • Drape 2D contour maps over surfaces
  • Drape raster images over surfaces
  • Float raster images over surfaces
  • Stack multiple surfaces
Airphoto draped over surface topography, vertical storage tanks, and lithology logs

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