DC Resisitivity, Induced Polarization (IP)
& Magnetotelluric (MT) Software

IPI-1D DC: - automated & interactive interpretation of DC resistivity soundings.


  • IPI2win (Windows)
  • IPI_res2 (DOS)
  • IPI_res3 (Windows)

Detailed Description

IPI2Win is designed for automated and interactive (semi-automated) interpretation of the data of various DC electrical soundings. The software capabilities are as follows:

Data Management: data file selection; topography input; data correction; viewing curves & models; viewing cross-sections
VES Curve Interpretation: model creation & altering; automated & interactive interpretation.
Managing Results: saving results; printing cross-sections; saving cross-section image

Note: An IP add-on is also available for IPI2Win

IPI_Res2 (DOS) is designed to create geological cross-sections using interpreted VES data results (resisitivity cross-section). The software is supplied with a pattern library and editor. The geological cross-section can be printed to the desired scale on an EPSON- or HP-DJ-compatible printer, or saved as Data Exchange format (AutoCAD DXF) file.

IPI_Res3 (Win) is designed to present interpreted VES data as geoelectrical columns in the desired scale with altitudes. The image can be printed or saved as Enhanced Metafile (Windows EMF) file.

Deliverables include CD-ROM, parallel port hardware key (dongle) and printed manuals

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Anis_pack + Anis_win
Modeling and data processing & interpreting for azimuthal surveys in anisotropic media.

Aniz_Pack+ Aniz_Win capabilities: modeling polar diagrams for anisotropic half-space, vertical contact of two anisotropic media, two-layered cross-section with anisotropic basement, two-layered cross-section with anisotropy in both layers; visualizing polar diagrams; interactive data interpreting based on generated models; polar diagrams Fourier analysis (distinguishing anisotropy and local object effects).

X2IPI : Preparation and data processing of multi-electrode arrays.


For additional details on any of the above products please email us