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Gamma Surveyor II

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Geophysical 1024-channel gamma-ray spectrometer for field exploration, borehole logging and laboratory or simple scintillometer K, U, Th assay, dose rate and search modes

  • Manual or continuous measurements with GPS BGO detector

  • Possibility of external probes for field survey, wells, laboratories, alpha & beta radiation

  • Attachable collimator for logging of slim layers

  • Fast auto-stabilization using natural radioactivity (without artificial gamma source)

  • Isotope library, stable calibration, self checking

  • Smart, lightweight (1.4 kg with batteries), rugged and waterproof design (long submersion at 1 m)

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion cells (for 24 32 hours) or 6 AA cells (12 V car battery, AC/DC adapter)

  • Easy control system (upgradeable via internet) with graphical screen, acoustic pitch response and large memory

  • Data download via USB port or flash disk, data processing support

  • Bluetooth communication with probe, GPS or earphones

Applications: determination of K, U, Th concentrations and natural gamma dose rate, spectral measurements with identification of radiation sources for mineral and raw material (uranium) prospecting, environmental monitoring, geological mapping, laboratory assays, industrial and health care purposes.

Gamma Surveyor II represents super compact 1024-channel geophysical spectrometer for all kinds of radiation measurements like field, borehole, carborne and submarine survey, laboratory assays and industrial monitoring. Due to long experience in gamma-ray analyzers and continuous scientific and technical development (that allow keeping leading position) GF Instruments now offers unique efficient technique of spectral evaluation with fast energy stabilization working sensitively and reliably in wide range of natural gamma dose rates. These main new features are completed with traditionally effective, simple and transparent way of operation.

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Gamma Surveyor



ABOVE: Gamma Surveyor console fitted with basic probe

The Gamma Surveyor is a new group of multi-channel gamma-ray spectrometers designed for measurements of natural and artificial radioisotopes on the surface and in boreholes and laboratories.

This group of instruments covers a wide range of devices using various probes and types of detectors:

  • portable gamma-ray spectrometer for field and borehole measurements
  • compact handheld spectrometer
  • accurate radiameter
  • car-borne spectrometer with high volume detector
  • laboratory spectrometer with special detectors and features.

 The control unit works with all kinds of probes.

   Applications include:

  • uranium ore prospecting
  • search for hidden artificial emitters
  • industrial and health purposes.


Thus Gamma Surveyor represents a useful tool for radiation source identification, dose rate and gamma-ray spectra measurements, determination of concentrations of elements (especially K, eU, eTh) for environmental radiation monitoring, geological mapping and studies, mineral and raw material prospecting, laboratory assays, health care etc.

Gamma Surveyor offers three basic measuring modes:

  • Search - quick and selective search for gamma-ray sources (0.5 s response time)
  • Dose rate - precise radiometric measurements
  • Spectra & Assay - spectral measurements with determination of K, eU, eTh concentrations

The measuring system supports point, profile and continuous measurements as well as the use of external GPS data.


ABOVE: Larger crystal packs are available, as well as shallow borehole accessories (below)


Technical Specifications


Control Unit:

  • Works with all types of probes
  • Attached to the small handheld probe forms a compact instrument
  • Can connect more probes, GPS receiver, PC (USB)
  • Data memory: max. 32 MBit, max. 100 files
  • 100 000 measured points (dose rate continuous mode)
  • 58 000 measured points (dose rate)
  • 1 800 measured points (full spectra & assay)
  • Graphical LCD display 320x240, white backlight
  • Combined keyboard (mobile phone style), 19 keys
  • Acoustic signalization
  • Power supply from internal exchangeable battery pack (lithium-ion) or external power supply 12V (6-14V, AC adapter and cable for car socket supply included in standard accessories)
  • Integrated fully automatic intelligent battery charger activated by external 12 V source connection
  • Can firmware upgrade via Internet
  • Dimensions: 256 x 90 (145) x 60 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg



  • Compact handheld or combined for surface and borehole measurements
  • 512 channels, max. 250 000 pulses per second
  • Measuring range 100 keV to 3 MeV
  • Zero dead time
  • Detectors: NaI(Tl), BGO, volumes 21.2 in3 (0.35 l) and 6.3 in3 (0.1 l)
  • To increase the detection volume and thus achieve a more precise and faster measurement it is possible to connect more probes to the control unit. It is not necessary to recalibrate the probes for this purpose.
  • Multi-grade automatic stabilization of the peak position.
  • Stabilization using built-in or external reference source 137Cs, possibly natural isotope K.
  • All probes can work in modes with internal, external reference source or using natural isotope.
  • The probes are powered from the control unit (no charging of the probes).
  • All calibration data are stored in the probe and a user can create two more user defined calibrations.
  • Can firmware upgrade via Internet
  • Height of the detector centre above the surface:
    • 40 mm (handheld probe)
    • 66 mm (2" combined probe)
    • 79 mm (3" combined probe)
  • Dimensions of probes:
    • 90 x 120(90) x 290 mm, height with the handle 180 mm (handheld probe)
    • 70 x 420 mm (2" combined probe)
    • 100 x 420 mm (3" combined probe)
  • Weights:
    • 1.6 kg (handheld probe)
    • 2.8 kg (2" combined probe)
    • 5.3 kg (3" combined probe)


SGR Scintillation Gamma Radiameter


Fast and sensitive indication of gamma-ray sources

 Applications include:

uranium ore prospecting

search for hidden artificial emitters

industrial and health purposes.

 The SGR is a light, ruggedized and easily operated instrument for field and industrial use. This unit is equipped with a loud acoustic output (pitch response), carrying belt and power supply from standard disposable or rechargeable cells. The SGR is watertight and resistant to mechanical shocks. The SGR does not sotre data or log GPS data, but is excellent when you simply want to locate a radioactive source for later follow up / assay.

Technical specifications

  • Detector: NaI(Tl), dia 51 x length 51 mm (6 cu in)
  • Sampling: 0.2 s, 0.5 s, 1.0 s, 2.0 s
  • Measuring range: 10 nGy/h, to 100 Gy/h
  • Pulse rate: up to 250000 cps
  • Energy sensitivity: from 50 keV
  • Alarm threshold: 100, 200, 600, 2000 nGy/h or switched off
  • Alarm range: 300 to 6000 Hz (more than 80 dB at 3000 Hz)
  • Display: LCD, backlight
  • Power supply: 3 pcs of C cells (single use or rechargeable) for 3 5 days work
  • Low power indication: acoustic and displayed
  • Size & weight: 100x100x200 mm, 1.6 kg
  • Ambient temperature: -20 to +60 C



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