Magnetic Susceptibility Meters


KM-7 Multi Kappa SM-100
Portable Magnetic Susceptibility Meter


SM-30 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

The SM-30 is small (pocket sized) magnetic susceptibility meter. Thanks to the high sensitivity we can measure sediments and rocks with extremely low level of magnetic susceptibility. In addition, we can distinctly measure diamagnetic materials like limestone, quartz and also water.

The SM-30 is controlled by three push buttons. One of them serves to save up to 250 measured values into non-volatile memory and to recall them later. The 251st value (the last measured one) is automatically displayed after SM-30 is switched on. If no button is pressed for 3 minutes, the instrument switches off automatically. The SM-30 has a beeper indicating intervals in which the information from the rock is picked-up.

The SM-30 is powered from two coin-sized lithium batteries. If the instruments is not used too extensively, the batteries may last for years thanks to their low self-discharge.

The SM-30 has 8 kHz LC oscillator with a large size pick-up coil as a sensor. The oscillation frequency is measured when:

  • the coil is put to the surface of measured rock
  • the coil is removed tens of cm away.

The SM-30 offers six measuring modes. Two of them are basic, two compensate for the linear part of the thermal drift, one is for scanning and one is for averaging. The large number of the memory registers (250) is useful especially when scanning mode is used.

Though the instrument is small, the pick-up coil is large enough in diameter to measure sufficiently high volume.


The sensitivity is 100 times better than the competitive instruments.

The SM-30 is truly shirt pocket-sized instrument. With dimension 100 x 65 x 25 mm and weight 0.180 kg. SM-30 outperforms competitors 3 times.

Thanks to sophisticated signal processing the noise induced in pick-up coil is suppressed well under resolution 1 x 10-7 SI units.

The sensor design enables to get 90 % of its signal from the first 20 mm of the rock. This feature allows more accurate readings on uneven surfaces of all rock types.

Autoranging and three-button control makes the meter the easiest to operate by one hand only. Internal memory can store 250 readings.

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SM-20 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

The SM-20 magnetic susceptibility meter is useful for a number of geological and geophysical applications where the unique sensitivity of 10-6 SI units together with its small, shirt-pocket size and low weight are appreciated.

The SM-20 is designed especially for field geologists and for fast laboratory assays for analysis and classification of rock types or drill core samples. Those measurements allow basic differentiation of rocks (diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic) and their precise susceptibility quantification. The original sensor and the new method of signal processing guarantee advanced features of this kappameter.

The SM-20 is simply operated using two buttons. More comfortable operating including point labels, comments and data storage for next processing is available using PC handling. The Li cells supply and the automatic power-off function provides a long working time without battery change.


  • stores 120 readings
  • small, lightweight instrument for fast and sensitive measurement of magnetic susceptibility of rock samples, exposures and drill cores
  • designed for field geologists and fast laboratory assays
  • unique sensitivity of 1x10-6SI units
  • easy to operate
  • autorange, data storage and PC connectivity

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KM-7 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

The KM-7pocket susceptibility meter is designed for quick measurements of magnetic properties of rocks in situ. The use of KM-7 is especially advantageous for selecting suitable specimens for further precise laboratory studies of magnetic properties.


  • High Resolution
  • Excellent Accuracy
  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Internal Non-volatile Data Memory
  • Single & Scan Mode of Operation
  • Measuring Pin
  • GPS Connection via Bluetooth


  • Sensitivity: 1x10-6 SI units / 1x10-5 SI units in scan mode
  • Measuring Ranges: 999 x10-3 SI units with automatically switched accuracy
  • Operating Frequency: 10 kHz
  • Display: 4 rows, backlight
  • Data Memory: 999 readings (without GPS data)
  • Controls: 4 switches: Escape, Enter, Up, Down
  • Interface: USB 2.0, bluetooth
  • Power Consumption: 8 mA (without bluetooth or backlight)
  • Battery: 2 x AAA
  • Operating Temperature: from 20C to +60C
  • Dimensions: 165 x 68 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 250g including batteries
  • Accessories: Leather Case, Instruction Manual, USB cable, Disk with comm. program

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Multi Kappa

Magnetic susceptibility meter for multi-layer surveys

  • In-situ assessment of magnetic properties of para-, dia- and ferromagnetic materials
  • Manual or continuous measuring modes with GPS positioning and map preview
  • Sensitivity 1x10-6 SI units with fast response
  • Temperature drift compensation
  • Lightweight and rugged design
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion cells (one charging for 3-4 working days) or 6 AA cells
  • Easy operation with graphical screen and large data memory
  • Data download via USB port or flash disk
  • Bluetooth communication with probe and GPS

Applications: geological survey, archaeology, agriculture and forestry, raw material prospecting, mineralogy, sedimentology, detection of metallic objects, UXO survey

The Multi Kappa allows fast field survey allowing both spot measurement and mapping by means of several probes.  Cover a wide range of demands for accurate susceptibility measurement on ground surface, outcrops and samples of rock and soil.

Unique &  efficient way of temperature stabilizing allows profiling without frequent zero setting. Fast sampling rate with GPS positioning can be appreciated at moving applications.

Exchangeable coils with various diameters make choice of appropriate depth range and horizontal resolution possible.

Probe Depth range
(90 % of signal)
Frequency Coil diameter Weight
MK125 5 cm 3.60 kHz 125 mm 0.65 kg
MK250  10 cm 2.26 kHz 250 mm  1.20 kg
MK500 20 cm   1.09 kHz 500 mm  2.10 kg

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SM-100 Portable Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

The SM-100 Portable Magnetic Susceptibility Meter is designed for laboratory or field use to measure bulk susceptibility of standard 25,4 mm cores. Small sample fragments can be measured in the pot with inner volume 25 cm3. The SM-100 design reflects the latest in electronic advances and offers unrivalled features:

  • single integrated housing incorporating the measurement zone, the electronics and power supply connected to PC
  • simple operation without any control knobs.

Operation of the SM-100 is straightforward. Typically a small sample in a plastic vessel is placed into the measuring coil for analysis. The SM-20 is controlled by a personal computer. The SM-100 is connected to a PC with a cable to serial RS232 port. Results are available in several seconds and are conventionally stored and displayed on this PC. Flexibility and user friendliness have been the key criteria in the design of the SM-100 software.

Calibration samples are supplied. Checking the calibration takes only a few minutes.