DC Resistivity Instruments






2000 Vp-p - 5A - 850 W
Resistivity & IP (up to 10 adjustable IP windows)
2D/3D Multi-Electrode Resistivity Tomography, VES, RP, SP

Easy-Control System


Its flexibility, easy operation (no PC required), using a standard 12 V battery and compatibility with widespread interpretation software makes ARES a cost effective and useful tool for working groups and research teams.


Groundwater explorations, geotechnical investigations, measurements on dams and dikes, environmental studies, geological surveys, mineral prospecting, archaeology and many others.

Technical specifications:

One ruggedized weatherproof unit integrates a powerful transmitter and a sensitive receiver completed with a rich software support for a variety of measuring methods.


Power up to 300 W
Current up to 2.0 A
Voltage 10 - 550 V (1100 Vp-p)
Protection full electronic protection
Precision 0.1%



Input impedance 20 MΩ
Input voltage range 5 V
Mains frequency filtering 50 or 60 Hz
Precision 0.1%

Supported methods

  • 2D/3D Resistivity and IP Tomography
  • VES - Vertical Electrical Sounding (resistivity and IP)
  • RP - Resistivity and IP Profiling
  • SP - Self Potential

Supported arrays

  • Wenner Alpha / Beta / Gamma, Wenner-Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-Dipole, Reverse Pole-Dipole, Pole-Pole, MGM, equatorial dipole-dipole, user defined configurations

Measurement features

  • Self-adapting control system
  • Automatic ranging and calibration
  • Automatic checking of measured values
  • Easy interruption of the measurement
  • Capability of profile prolongation by means of multi-electrode cable rolling
  • IP - Induced Polarization(Chargeability) available for all 1D / 2D / 3D methods
    up to 10 adjustable IP-windows, each max. 30s, step 20 / 16.66ms
  • Pulse 0.3 s 30 s, step 0.1 s
  • SP compensation constant and linear, time-invariant
  • Stacking manual or automatic (with self-adaptive setting)
  • Adjustable optimum measured voltage and maximum acceptable measurement error
  • Stored values:
    position of the measured point, output current, input voltage, SP, apparent,
    resistivity, standard deviation, chargeability with standard deviation for all 10 IP windows
  • Output data format: RES2DINV / RES3DINV, Surfer (and others)
  • Maximum number of electrodes: 200 (connected in one array)
  • Maximum profile length for ME cable: 10 km

Control unit

  • Easy-Control system, no need of PC for the measurement
  • Alphanumeric keyboard, large LCD display
  • Safety switch
  • Memory: 16Mbit, up to 100 files, 70000 readings
  • Interface: RS232 or USB
  • Power supply: 12 V car battery or attachable battery pack
  • Connectors: for PC, battery and a universal one for all measuring accessories
    (Multi-Electrode Cable, VES-Adapter)
  • Dimensions: 13 x 17 x 39 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Ambient conditions: -10C to +50C, weatherproof

Standard accessories:

  • Transport case
  • T-piece (for connection of multi-electrode cable sections and cables for current and potential electrodes)
  • Cable for external 12 V battery
  • RS232C and USB cables
  • AC adapter (for all countries)
  • Measuring software ARES

Optional accessories:

  • 12 V attachable battery pack with fast 3-stage battery charger
  • Multi-Electrode cable sections active (intelligent) and passive (classic)
  • Attachable 48-channel adapter for multi-conductor cable
  • VES-Adapter (for 5 pairs of potential electrodes)
  • Cable reels
  • Standard electrodes, non-polarisable electrodes
  • Interpretation and mapping software

Multi-Conductor cable

Cable reel







2500 V 10A 3500 W

Resistivity & IP
8 channels with simultaneous measurement
Up to 10 adjustable IP windows

Groundwater explorations in arid and semi-arid areas, deep geological surveys, mineral prospecting, structural studies.

Geoelectric Power Sounder GEPS-2000 is a device for data acquisition and interpretation of deep VES (vertical electrical sounding). It can be used for resistivity and IP measurements to the depths of hundreds of meters.

The device consists of the main unit containing a powerful transmitter and receiver supplied from two electric generators with total power of 4000 W. The operation is controlled from a users PC. GEPS-2000 is a made-to-order device, so its features can be modified.

The measured data from GEPS-2000 acquired from several VES can be assembled into resistivity and IP sections using the interpretation software delivered with the device.


Technical Specifications


  • Power supply: external engine power generator HONDA 2 x 2000 W
  • Output power: up to 3500 W
  • Current: up to 10 A
  • Current waveform: square with selectable pulse length and frequency
  • Voltage: up to 2500 V
  • Precision: 0.1%


  • Resistivity and IP measurements with selectable pulse duration and automatic compensation of self potential
  • Number of channels: 8 with simultaneous measurement
  • Input impedance: 40 MΩ
  • Input voltage range: 5 V
  • Number of IP windows: up to 10
  • Mains frequency filtering: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Precision: 0.1%

Control unit:

  • external computer notebook, connected via USB cable

Standard accessories:

  • GEPS-2000 main unit
  • engine power generators (2 pcs)
  • connection cables for power generators and for PC
  • measuring software
  • interpretation software
  • user manual

Optional accessories:

  • mapping software