Geophysical Modeling and Inversion Software for Magnetic, Gravity, Seismics, Resistivity, Electromagnetics, GPR, Magnetotellurics and More

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Modelling and Inversion Software includes:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Processing - Gradix
  • 2-D Resistivity & IP polygon modeling - Resix IP2DI
  • 2-D smooth modeling for Resistivity & IP - Resix 2DI
  • DC Resistivity and Induced Polarization - Resix, Resix Plus, Resix IP
  • Gravity and Magnetics modeling - Magix Plus, Magix XL
  • Seismic Refraction - Firstpix, Gremix, Gremix S, Gremix 15
  • Seismic Reflection - Seistrix J, Seistrix E, Seistrix 3
  • VLF - Emix VLF
  • Magnetotellurics - Emix MT, Emix MT 2D
  • Conductivity ElectroMagnetics - Emix 34 Plus
  • Transient ElectroMagnetics - Temix, Temix XL
  • Frequency ElectroMagnetics - Emix MM Plus

FREEWARE - Magnetic Field Calculation