SURFER 8 for Windows

New features in Surfer 8

Contouring, Gridding and 3D Surface Mapping for Scientists and Engineers

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3D Surface Maps

Surfer 8 produces spectacular 3D rendered surface maps with complete control over lighting and shading, position, rotation and tilt angles. Overlay raster and vector base maps, contour maps, image maps, shaded relief maps, post maps and vector maps and specify the color modulation (surface and overlay blending).

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Click picture for full size image

Drape a raster or vector base map on a 3D surface

Grid Mosaic

Combine adjacent and overlapping grid and DEM files into a single GRD to produce a single map. In areas of overlap, specify which grid nodes to use with the average, first, last, minimum, or maximum methods. Use the existing grid nodes, or resample at a different grid spacing using bilinear interpolation, cubic convolution, or nearest neighbor sampling methods.

Click picture for full size image
Click picture for full size image


This surface map was created with a grid resulting from the combination of the Montezuma and Mt Evans Colorado 7.5 minute DEM files. Vertical lines on the base represent offsets caused by difference between UTM coordinates and latitude / longitude definition of quadrangle boundary

Cross Validation

Select the Cross Validate option to compare the Z value of a data point with the results of gridding without that point. Write the results to a statistics report and to a data file.

Specify the number of points to validate, statistics report, and results data file name.

Grid Filter

The Grid Matrix Smoothing options have been expanded into the new Grid Filter featuring more than sixty predefined filters. In addition, define your own filter parameters to refine your grid.

Choose from a large selection of predefined grid filters, or define your own.

Data Metrics

Create grid files and maps illustrating spatial statistics within the search ellipse such as number of data points, approximate density, distance to nearest and farthest point, mean, standard deviation, variance, and coefficient of variation of the Z values.

Use the Data Metrics gridding method to grid and map spatial variation of statistical parameters.

Improved User Interface Equals Increased Ease-of-Use

  • Properties dialog boxes optionally remain open and interactively change to reflect the options available for each selected object.
  • 3D Trackball tool facilitates changes to the tilt and rotation view angles.
  • Realtime Pan and Zoom tools quickly change the display to the desired section of the plot.

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The 3D Trackball tool lets you visually change the view of a 3D plot.


  • Multithreaded redraw results in faster screen updates and a more responsive user interface.
  • Gridding with faults has been optimized for better performance.

Larger Worksheet

Read data files with up to one billion (109) rows and columns, subject to available memory.

Rotate and Tilt Raster Maps

View your bitmap images from the best angle. Rotate and 3D tilt shaded relief maps, image maps, and raster base maps.

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USGS DRG base maps and other raster maps can be rotated and tilted to any angle.

New Gridding Methods

Surfer continues to dominate the field with the addition of new gridding methods. New methods include:

  • Moving Average
  • Local Polynomial

Other new gridding features include:

  • More flexible sector specification
  • View worksheet from Grid Data dialog
  • Sort and duplicate check after specifying gridding parameters are specified to enable faster data file loading
  • Generate a report of the gridding statistics and parameters including ANOVA regression.
  • Export Triangulation and Natural Neighbor Delaunay triangle network to a raster or vector file.

Export the triangulation network to a raster or vector file, create a base map
and overlay on a post map of the data points.

New Variogram Models

Surfer 8 adds the Cubic and Pentaspherical models to the variogram analysis.

Additional variogram models give you more choices when
analyzing your data.

Support for More File Formats

More import and export options have been added to the already long list of file formats.

  • Import Golden Software GSI, ESRI E00, Windows Enhanced Metafile EMF
  • Export Golden Software GSI & GSB, MapInfo MIF, Windows EMF

Use USGS SDTS DEM and DLG Files in Native Format

Use the new format USGS SDTS Digital Elevation Model files (DDF) in Surfer to make contour, surface, wireframe, vector, shaded relief, and image maps.

Maximum Plot Size Increased

The old 32-inch (81 cm) page limit under Windows 98 and Me has been banished. The default maximum page size is 110 inches (279 cm), with the option to increase the maximum size to 2000 inches (5080 cm).

Download the Latest Version with Internet Update

Check for the latest version of Surfer 8 using your Internet connection. If there is a newer version available, download and install it automatically.

Surfer 8 makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest version of the software.

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