Grapher is the ultimate technical graphing package available. This easy-to-use, powerful, dynamic program will help you create superior publication-quality professional graphs in minutes! Wow your audience every time they see your graphs.!



Grapher Additional Features

  • Edit multiple objects at once.

  • Add legends to graphs. 

  • Customize Grapher by selecting the default settings. Customize most settings for each graph type!

  • Control line styles, color and width. 

  • Add drawing objects to any graph such as points, lines, polygons, rectangles and ellipses. 

  • Create custom colors, lines, and fill patterns. 

  • Reshape polylines and polygons using the reshape tool. 

  • Combine and break apart composite objects. 

  • Rotate all drawn objects, imported objects and graphs. 

  • View all objects using the Object Manager. 

  • Edit all objects in the tabbed Property Inspector.  

  • Keep the Object Manager and Property Inspector available -- even while editing. 

  • Lock the position of any object to prevent accidental movements.

  • Use the Arrange command to move objects forwards or backwards. 

  • Add a variety of arrows to the ends of polylines. 

  • Digitize data from a graph using a large crosshair that extends to the rulers. Write the data to a ASCII file to create new graphs. 

  • Fix the digitizing process directly to the line or digitize anywhere in the plot window. 

  • Display and edit detailed areas of a graph using the Zoom commands. 

  • Calculate the area under a curve. 

  • Switch between two different plot types. For example, change your line plot into a bar chart.

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