Red Dog Scientific Services is proud to be the representative for Geotomographie in the southern African region.

Seismic Borehole Equipment for Tomography, Crosshole and Downhole Applications

Geotomographie delivers borehole sources for P- and S-waves, borehole geophones, hydrophone strings and borehole deviation tools. Complete solutions for borehole and near-surface seismic surveys to geophysical, engineering and mining companies are provided

Surface sources

Elvis III S8/P8 | Surface Vibrator Source

The Vibrator Source ElViS III is used to generate P- or S-wave sweep signals. The source consists of a moving mass driven by a cascaded linear motor. The source is fully cased. An adjustable pneumatic suspension ensures a maximum release of seismic energy under different surface conditions. The source is most suitable for reflection seismic surveys on paved roads and for urban areas.

Surface Receivers

LS-24 | Landstreamer

The Landstreamer LS-24 is used to record P-, S- or surface waves. It consists of a number of horizontally or vertically oriented sensors mounted on sledges which are attached to a robust belt. The belt can be hooked to a vehicle and moved along the profile. A landstreamer is used to collect a large volume of seismic data in a short time. The landstreamer is suitable for MASW or reflection seismic applications especially on paved ground.

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