Geometrics Seismographs

Refraction, Reflection, MASW and Passive Shear Wave

  • ES-3000 Seismodule - 8-24 affordable channels. Low-cost seismograph for refraction, depth to bedrock, teaching and ground-water studies.
  • Geode Ultra-Light Exploration Seismograph - 3 -to 1000 channels; built-in roll capability. Ultra-portable seismic recorder that attaches to your laptop or to the StrataVisor NZ. Connect several 24-ch Geodes together to build systems up to 1000 channels. The Geode is suitable for reflection, refraction, downhole, VSP and monitoring applications.
  • Atom Passive Seismic System - designed to quickly obtain shear wave velocity measurements to depths of over 1km


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