Vista Clara NMR

Vista Clara manufactures advanced magnetic resonance (NMR) geophysical tools for direct detection of groundwater and measurement of hydrogeologic properties. The equipment is used worldwide by professionals in hydrogeology, environmental remediation and geoengineering to reduce project risks, lower costs and improve outcomes

NMR Borehole Logging Tools

Javelin Borehole NMR
Javelin® NMR logging tools provide high resolution measurements of aquifer properties.
Surface NMR Instruments

GMR Surface NMR

GMR™ provides non-invasive imaging of groundwater and aquifer properties to depths of 500ft (150m).

NMR Soil & Core Instruments

Helios Dart & Discus NMR

The Dart™, Discus™ and Helios™ products provide unique & portable NMR capabilities for field and laboratory.

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