Oasis Montaj, Res2DInv/Res3DInv, Workbench & SPIA


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Oasis Montaj: Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data in interactive 2D and 3D models

  • GM-SYS: Integrate seismic, well, and geology data with observed gravity and magnetics*

  • UXO Land & UX-Analyze: Accurately locate unexploded ordnance (UXO) with onshore magnetic, electromagnetic, and advanced electromagnetic induction data*

  • UXO Marine: Locate unexploded ordnance (UXO), utilities, and debris with marine magnetic and gradiometer data*

  • VOXI Earth Modelling (aka Rapid 3D geophysical inversion): Visualise the deep subsurface with Cloud-powered speed and responsiveness. *

  • The UAV Geophysics extension, allows user to accurately design, conduct and process drone surveys in a timely manner.

  • The Airborne Quality Control extension provides essential functionality for planning an airborne survey and meeting basic tender specifications.

  • The 2D Filtering extension allows you to apply a wide range of filters to gridded data and interactively refine them. 

  • The CET (Centre for Exploration Targeting*) Grid Analysis extension consists of a number of tools that provide automated lineament detection of gridded data, which can be used for first-pass data processing.

  • The CET Porphyry Detection extension was specifically designed to locate porphyry magnetic signatures.

  • The Compudrape extension drapes any potential field profile or gridded data to any reference surface and performs height continuation on aeromagnetic profile data.

  • The Geophysics extension provides a range of filters and statistical tools for working with large volume geophysical data. 

  • The Gravity and Terrain Correction extension provides a complete system for processing and reducing gravity data from conventional ground surveys.

  • The Grav/Mag Interpretation extension includes Euler 3D Deconvolution processing routines to automatically locate and determine depth for gridded magnetic and gravity data.

  • The Geophysics Levelling extension includes advanced functionality for processing and enhancing airborne magnetic and other geophysical data.

  • The GridKnit extension provides two advanced methods for rapidly and accurately merging virtually any pair of geophysical grids (included).*

  • The Isostatic Residual toolset calculates a depth to the Moho (the “root”) using the topographic grid, terrain density, Moho density contrast and depth of sea level compensation.

  • The Depth to Basement toolset provides an automated method for determining the position, dip and intensity of magnetic source bodies for a magnetic profile. 

  • PotentQ provides rapid semi-automatic modelling of a single magnetic and/or gravity anomaly.

  • The Predictive Targeting with Neural Networks software provides Oasis montaj GXs for training, simulation and target generation.

  • The EM Utilities extension provides a set of tools to inspect, filter and prepare your time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) data before performing a TDEM inversion using VOXI Earth Modelling.

  • The Induced Polarization extension performs a variety of tasks on your IP data including import, quality control, processing, gridding, and plotting.

  • The Drillhole Plotting extension enables quick, easy and accurate production of presentation-quality drillhole section and plan maps.

  • The 256-Channel Radiometrics Processing extension enables geoscientists to process and visualize 256 channel spectrometer data.

  • Praga3 Radiometrics provides an advanced solution for the mapping and processing of airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometry data acquired by modern spectrometers using NaI(Tl) detectors.


Res2DInv/Res3DInv - Easily process and invert your Resistivity and Induced Polarization data in two clicks

  • Experience a simple workflow from data import to inversion and visualisation, while still having access to full control over inversion parameters for those more experienced.

  • The software is highly optimized for speed to enable easy and fast handling of small and medium sized surveys allowing initial in-field inversions for surveying efficiency.

  • There are very few limits on survey design and nearly all imaginable electrode configurations above and below ground can be inverted, including all traditional and well-known survey configurations.

  • Build the most complete model and ensure your data is integrated throughout the modelling workflow – easily export results in XYZ or VTK format for further visualisation and interpretation in supporting software.


Workbench: Is a unique and comprehensive software package for processing, inversion, and visualization of geophysical and geological data

  • Workbench Essentials is the basic module which includes the GIS interface, visualization of data and inversion results, borehole import and report tool (included)*

  • The ERT & IP modules are designed for processing and inversion of ERT and induced polarization data.

  • The streamed ERT module is designed for processing and inversion of continuous towed DC data.

  • The GCM (Ground Conductivity Meter) module includes import, processing, and inversion of GCM data. 

  • Airborne TEM Module: Experience a solution that integrates all the steps in the workflow from importing, processing, and visualising your Time-domain Electromagnetic (TEM) data.*

  • The Ground based towed TEM module is a powerful processing and inversion tool supporting LCI and SCI inversion for groundbased towed TEM data.

  • the Hydro Structural Modelling (HSM) module is a transparent, objective, and data-driven workflow that creates exportable cluster models that can be used to create an ensemble of equally probable hydrostratigraphic models for groundwater modelling.*


SPIA is a processing and inversion software for ground based TEM and DC/IP data


For more details please contact us @ reddog@geoafrica.co.za




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